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North Kensington находится в находится в юго-восточной части части Великобритании (Greater London, England), 82 километра на юг от города England. Тут мы насчитали 5 достопримечательностей. Вот некоторые наиболее интересные из них: Памятник принцу Альберту, Музей науки, Паб Gloucester Arms, Альберт-холл, Codebreaker: Alan Turing's Life and Legacy. В окрестностях также есть на что посмотреть. На востоке в 0 километрах размещается Музей Виктории и Альберта, Ресторан Bibendum (1 км), Универмаг Harrod’s (1 км). На севере в 1 километре размещается Статуя Роберта Корнелиса Нейпира. На юго-западе в 1 километре размещается Ресторан Cote-Kensington.

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Codebreaker: Alan Turing's Life and Legacy
Музей Виктории и Альберта South Kensington
Ресторан Bibendum South Kensington
Статуя Роберта Корнелиса Нейпира Royal London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
Ресторан Cote-Kensington Royal London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
Универмаг Harrod’s Greater London
Мемориал Дианы и Доди Аль Фаеда Greater London
Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain
Greater London
Ресторан "Вавилон" Kensington
Ресторан Zuma Knightsbridge
Кенсингтонский дворец Royal London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
Ресторан русской кухни Мари Vanna в Лондоне Knightsbridge
Ресторан Buddha-Bar Knightsbridge
Универмаг Peter Jones Belgravia
Универмаг Харви Николс Knightsbridge
Ресторан "Amaya" Knightsbridge
Ресторан Petrus Knightsbridge
Ресторан Gordon Ramsay Chelsea
Гайд-парк Knightsbridge
Ресторан "Chutney Mary" West Brompton
Стадион Стэмфорд Бридж Fulham
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North Kensington is an area of west London lying north of Notting Hill Gate and south of Harrow Road North Kensington is the key neighbourhood of Notting Hill It is where most of the violence of the Notting Hill race riots of 1958 occurred where the Notting Hill Carnival started and where most...  Подробнее
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North Kensington is an area of west London lying north of Notting Hill Gate and south of Harrow Road.North Kensington is the key neighbourhood of Notting Hill. It is where most of the violence of the Notting Hill race riots of 1958 occurred, where the Notting Hill Carnival started and where most of the scenes in the film Notting Hill were shot.Even the area’s main transport hub, Ladbroke Grove tube station, was originally called Notting Hill from its opening in 1864 until 1880, and Notting Hill & Ladbroke Grove between then and 1919, when it was renamed Ladbroke Grove (North Kensington). It acquired its current more simple name in 1938. The area was also once served by St. Quintin Park and Wormwood Scrubs railway station, until it closed in 1940.North Kensington was once an area well known for its slum housing, as documented in the photographs of Roger Mayne, but housing prices have now risen and the area is considered exclusive and upscale.Waves of immigrants have arrived for at least a century including, but certainly not limited to, the Spanish, the Irish, the Jews, the West Indians, the Moroccans and many from the Horn of Africa and Eastern Europe. This constant renewal of the population makes the area one of the most cosmopolitan in the world.Though Ladbroke Grove is the area’s main thoroughfare, its best known street is Portobello Road with its street market.Зміст1 Crossrail2 Notable residents and natives3 References4 External linksCrossrailAt a site just to the east of the Old Oak Common site, Kensington and Chelsea Council has been pushing for a station at North Kensington / Kensal off Ladbroke Grove & Canal Way, as a turn-back facility will have to be built in the area anyway. Siting it at Kensal Rise, rather than next to Paddington itself, would provide a new station to regenerate the area. Amongst the general public there is a huge amount of support for the project and Mayor Boris Johnson stated that a station would be added if it did not increase Crossrail's overall cost; in response, Kensington and Chelsea Council agreed to underwrite the projected £33 million cost of a Crossrail station, which was received very well by the residents of the Borough. TfL is conducting a feasibility study on the station and the project is backed by National Grid, retailers Sainsbury's and Cath Kidston, and Jenny Jones (Green Party member of the London Assembly).Kensal Crossrail station would 'transform' the area, says deputy mayor. Regeneration + Renewal. 16 May 2011.Notable residents and natives Joss Ackland, actor, born in North Kensington on 29 February 1928. David Cameron, Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party resides in North Kensington. Nick Clarke, radio and television presenter and journalist, lived and died in North Kensington. Danny Dichio, footballer, grew up in North Kensington. Harry Enfield, comedian, resides in North Kensington. Sabrina Guinness, former girlfriend of Prince Charles, resides in North Kensington. Nigel Havers, actor, resides in North Kensington. Martin Lewis, financial journalist, resides in North Kensington. Mary Miller, television and theatrical actress, resides in North Kensington. Alan Mullery, footballer, born in Notting Hill 23 November 1941. John Murray, Middlesex and England wicketkeeper, born in North Kensington, 1 April 1935. Victoria Stilwell, dog trainer, owns a home in North Kensington.ReferencesExternal links Notting Hill Nonsense, a website about life in North Kensington, the true heart of Notting Hill. Golborne Life, the community website for the Golborne Road area of North Kensington.

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